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Abbe, Inc

317 7th Ave SE, Suite 302B
Cedar Rapids, IA 52401

Abbe, Inc. provides Aging Services that support older adults who wish to continue living as independently as possible. Private, not-for-profit and offering multiple services in Linn, Benton, Johnson and Jones counties, Abbe, Inc. is the Eastern Iowa community source for older adults, their families and caregivers. Programs and services promote the health, well being and independence of aging adults.

Financial Education for Older Adults - OneMain Financial

Financial decisions are the most critical for adults 50 years old and beyond. No longer are decisions as simple as saving money and deciding where to invest. Instead, older adults must make choices that will impact the rest of their lives. Critical questions demand answers: "Is there enough money to support me for the rest of my life?" "When can I use funds from retirement accounts?" "When should I collect Social Security?" But unfortunately, society often focuses more on educating the younger generations about their finances. Older adults may be wise in the ways of the world, but that doesn't mean that they don't need available financial education. Financial education for both today and the future is crucial. Start now and make the most out of the future.

Johnson County Livable Community

Jill Wenger, Administrative Specialist
Johnson County Social Services
855 S Dubuque St, Ste. 202B
Iowa City, IA 52240

Mission: To serve as a unifying structure that fosters effective collaboration, communication, and education that will build and sustain a livable community for successful aging.

Vision: To help Johnson County become a more livable community where everyone can age successfully.

Johnson County will be a livable community which has:
•  Health and support services
•  Transportation and mobility options
•  Affordable, accessible, and appropriate housing
•  Community and economic development
•  Cultural, volunteer, life-long learning and employment opportunities
•  Public safety

Which together facilitate personal independence and the engagement of residents in civic and social life.


Angela Salvador
My Support-Iowa Community Manager

MySupport is a platform designed to offer seniors and people with disabilities tools to find the right support workers, manage their schedules, and enable them to self-direct their own services. By letting consumers and workers answer questions about what they are looking for in a support relationship, the platform is able to recommend potential matches. Quality means different things to different people. Our match questions enable MySupport to recommend compatible workers to seniors and people with disabilities.

Prairie Rose Care Management

PO Box 890
North Liberty, IA 52317

At Prairie Rose Care Management, we believe in the value of older adults, and honoring their contributions to our world by ensuring their final years are productive, happy, and safe. At the heart of Prairie Rose Care Management’s philosophy are the Christian principles of love, respect, patience, caring, acceptance, and honesty. PRCM puts these principles into practice by making recommendations that allow their clients to continue as many aspects of their lives as they are capable of, including maintaining friendships, participation in service organizations, and attendance at religious services of their choosing. PRCM recognizes that every situation, person, and family is different, and our mission is to provide support in every way possible.

The Helping Home

Jason Biddle
P O Box 940894
Houston, TX 77094

The Helping Home is a website featuring in-depth guides on how to age in place safely with home modifications, medical equipment, and assistive devices. Visit The Helping Home for information on how to improve accessibility and gain greater independence at home. Learn about various products such as mobility aids (canes, walkers, wheelchairs, etc.), showering medical devices (shower chairs, transfer benches, grab bars, etc.), toileting medical devices (commode chairs, toilet base risers, toilet safety frames, etc.), kitchen cooking aids (can openers, cutting tools, helpful small appliances, etc.), assistive eating tools (specializes utensils, plate guards, non-slip placemats, etc.), grooming gadgets (ergonomic nail clippers, electric water flossers, electric shaver, etc.), dressing aids (stocking donners, button hooks, shoehorns, etc.), adaptive gardening tools (long-reach pruners, lightweight water hoses, leaf blowers, etc.) and more!