Research at the University of Iowa has always been a strength, and the research goals of the Center on Aging capitalize on that strength. The Center on Aging works to assist investigators with expertise in aging. Our goal is to help advance the research of these successful investigators by providing resources and support. Investigators that are interested in collaborating with the Center on Aging are encouraged to contact us. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, you can join us by completing a survey. Anyone who is interested in learning more about aging and being an active member of the aging community is welcome to become an Affiliate Member of the Center on Aging.

The Aging Mind and Brain Initiative (AMBI). The AMBI is a group of investigators that chose to come to the University of Iowa specifically to work on issues related to aging. As faculty members of many different departments and college throughout the University of Iowa, their strength as individual investigators is multiplied by their collaborative efforts.

Faculty with the AMBI have research interests that span from cells to sensors. Below is a small sample of ongoing research. Visit individual the AMBI Faculty page for more information on their individual research efforts.

  • Formation of a vestibular group to work on the biology of falls due to changes in the vestibular system with age.
  • EgoSense tracking system
  • Alzheimer’s Caregiving Networks (pilot project). Involves interviewing family members and formal caregivers.
  • Family Health History Communication Networks Among Community-Dwelling Seniors. In process of analyzing data and writing.
  • Data Analysis Project with the “Health ABC” study (University of Tennessee and University of Pittsburgh)
  • D2D Communication Support. Research for understanding communication between drivers and development of new channels to enhance communication between elderly drivers and surrounding drivers to secure safety and smoothness of the local traffic among them.
  • Smart Home + Smart Car. To help “Aging in Place”, the network based ICT (Information Communication Technology) will be applied to monitor physiological and behavioral signs in terms of health and QoL of the elderly.
  • Randomized clinical trial (RCT) examining the effects of 6 months of an aerobic dance intervention on changes in the brain and cognition in healthy elderly adults. Michelle Voss (co-investigator) in collaboration with UIUC
  • Randomized clinical trial (RCT) to determine overlapping and distinct effects of acute and long-term effects of physical exercise training on brain function in healthy elderly adults

The STAR Registry is a database of Iowans over age 50 who are interested in volunteering for research studies.Older adults are typically under-represented in scientific research, making study results less helpful to the older population. STAR was created to:

  • facilitate the inclusion of older adults in UI research studies
  • help increase the quantity and quality of research relating to older adults