Nazan Aksan

Nazan Aksan ,

Research Assistant Professor
Department of Neurology

I study driving safety in at-risk populations including healthy and diseased aging, obstructive sleep apnea.  This research will expand to include adolescents.  Driving safety assessments include multiple platforms including simulation, real-world driving with instrumented vehicles, and black-box technology in participants’ own vehicles.  EEG, peripheral physiology, and eye-trackers are integrated into our simulation environment permitting enriched assessments of self-regulation of attention.  I also have strong interests in individual differences specifically how personality and affective factors relevant to risk-taking intersect with attentional self-regulation to influence driving safety.  A better understanding of self-regulatory processes and how they bear on tactical and strategic decisions that bear on driving safety will inform intervention efforts to improve safety outcomes and public policy.

Psychological and Brain Sciences
Public Health
Social Sciences