Leonardo Marchini

Leonardo Marchini ,

Assistant Professor
Department of Preventive & Community Dentistry

Aging Related Research:
As a dentist, I have been providing oral health care for demented geriatric patients for more than 15 years, since I was a private practitioner when living in São José dos Campos-Brazil and currently working at the Geriatric and Special Needs Clinic at the UI-CoD. My research interest is focused on three topics: geriatric oral and general health, patients satisfaction with prosthodontic therapies and temporo-mandibular dysfunction and bruxism. Of particular interest to this network, is the first topic, i.e., geriatric oral and general health. Current projects include the Iowa Nursing Facility Oral Hygiene (INFOH) pilot project, funded by Delta Dental of Iowa Foundation and the University of Iowa College of Dentistry, in which I am the Principal Investigator. This project is a two-year randomized clinical trial, which is currently in year 2. It aims to generate initial data for a larger project focused on how to improve oral hygiene for people living in Iowa nursing facilities, including many with dementia. This project involves collaborations within the UI-CoD (microbiology and statistical groups), as well as outreaching eight nursing homes in Eastern Iowa. In addition, I am a co-investigator in a HRSA funded project (the Interprofessional Strategic Healthcare Alliance for Rural Education - iSHARE), whose main mission is developing a geriatric care workforce that optimizes community engagement and integrates geriatric and aging mental health expertise into primary care. To accomplish its mission, the iSHARE team is composed by physicians, nurses, social workers, dentists, students from several health care courses, and primary care providers throughout Iowa. The recent addition of an oral health care provider was appreciated by the other members, and several opportunities for research and teaching collaborations are unfolding from this interaction.

Keywords:  Geriatric dentistry, oral hygiene, oral health care, prosthodontics, dentures, patient satisfaction, patient expectations

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