Brain Regions
The aging mind and brain is a highly multidisciplinary, multidimensional topic, spanning the life sciences, behavioral sciences, social sciences, engineering, medical sciences, human factors, biostatistics, ethics, law, and others. The vision of the University of Iowa's Aging Mind and Brain Initiative is to create a world-class collaborative research and implementation entity aimed at research, education, and outreach to enhance the lives and societal vitality of our aging population, focusing on the cognitive aspect of aging.

Collectively, the expertise of the AMBI addresses the following areas:
  1. Improving our understanding of the structure of the aging mind, including behavioral and neural mechanisms.
  2. Building the scientific basis for promoting neural health in the aging brain
  3. Deepening our knowledge of how behavioral, social, cultural, and technological contexts affect cognitive functioning and the real world performance of aging individuals, and determining the best ways to effectively intervene to augment human performance in function in specific contexts.

Based on its multidisciplinary character, the AMBI provides a vehicle for research, teaching, and outreach regarding changes in neural health and in contextual behavior that occur with aging, understanding the differences in cognitive function within and among individuals at baseline and over time. Specifically, the members of the AMBI will do this by Developing new research and interventions that benefit the elderly Facilitating collaborations among UI researchers, funding agencies, and private enterprise Incorporating scientific, clinical, social, and public health topics into educational curriculum Educating and training UI students (undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral) and scholars in the area of basic and translational research on the aging mind and brain Broadly disseminating research and training innovations Working within the state of Iowa to improve health and well-being among Iowa's elderly Developing new products, technologies, and strategies to enhance remote assessment and diagnosis, including access to care and interventions, to improve the cognitive health, independence and quality of life of older Americans.

Our most recent Annual Report can be downloaded here:  PDF icon2017 AMBI Annual Report